Fairlamb – People Change

January 01, 1970





Precious little info accompanies this delectable dozen’s
worth of indiepop and folk, although the names “Suzanne Fairlamb” and “Suzy
Callahan” are no doubt closely linked. (Yours truly enthused over Callahan’s
solo work back when BLURT was still called Harp,
and prior to that she was part of indierock outfit Devils Wielding Scimitars.) In
fact, the most we learn is at the Fairlamb Bandcamp page, which advises, “I
walked out on a dead-end job with nothing lined up. Luckily I had enough
savings to scrape by for a few months and an acoustic guitar. My friend Link Sweden
with his OP-1 helped me record these songs.”


Interest duly piqued, diving right into the tunes yields a
God’s-garden’s worth of sonic delights, ranging from the waifish nu-folk of
“Good Enuf 4 Me” (think Kimya Dawson crossed with the Indigo Girls,
particularly thanks to the sweet vocal harmonies) to the good-time stomp ‘n’
hoot hoedown of “Sugar Hill” to the perkystrummysexycool glow cast by standout
track “The Way It Goes.” Check it out:



The Way It Goes by Fairlamb


There are heart-melting moments dotting this disc, springing
equally from the sweet, tingly melodic turns of phrase, sundry unexpected
forays into classic girlgroup-dom and just pure moments of celebratory reverie.
There’s devastation afoot, too: in “The Devil Haunts You,” a storm surges up in
a woman’s heart while the accompanying squall of guitars threatens to out-Crazy
Horse Neil Young. And in the hypnotic pulse and subtle Latin twang of
“Confession” one begins to suspect that the fallout from “the bad things that
you’ve done” isn’t going to go away too soon.



Confession by Fairlamb



The entire spectrum of emotion, in fact, is on display here,
and whether or not the album title is meant as hopeful predictor or cruel
irony, there’s no question that it took a lot of courage and inner strength to
lay things on the line so vividly. Bolstered by inventive arrangements and rich
melodies that lodge deep in the listener’s brain, these 12 songs ultimately
comprise one of the year’s don’t-miss sleeper sets, one that deserves to be
discovered by as wide an audience as possible.


DOWNLOAD: “Confession,”
“That’s The Way It Goes,” “Sugar Hill” FRED MILLS


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