F – Energy Distortion

January 01, 1970

(7Even Records)




Florent Aupetit shortens his
name to what’s essentially Google kryptonite for his outings as a dubstep
producer. Energy Distortion, the
Frenchmen’s official debut full-length as F, collects and sequences some of the
deep, hefty bass music he’s already released for vinyl on his native country’s
7Even. The material is paired with a handful of CD-only cuts, too.


Aupetit cites Burial’s 2006
debut as an influence, and while Energy
isn’t without its perplexity or speaker-teasing atmospherics,
the Hyperdub wonder’s productions were more of an impetus for F to explore
dubstep as a genre, rather than serving as a source for drum editing ideas.
Aupetit’s output is closer to a techno and dubstep blend; it’s the work of a
fairly green producer whose discography stretches only back to 2008, but his
ability to build-out seductive and elaborate productions is very apparent.
“Forever” is two-fold, launching atop a set of pinging beats and
squeaks, as devilish bass rumbles on its own rails below. Its tempo morphs
dramatically, speeding up and knocking back to a crawl, before its five minutes
have run their course – Aupetit is rarely content to let something stew. The
title track, issued originally as part of a twelve-inch series on 7Even in
early 2010, is also one worth returning to for its dizzying system of
pitch-shifted drones and complex woodblock/programmed percussion. Not unlike RSD’s
similarly named Good Energy compilation for Punch Drunk in 2009, Energy
plays cohesively, with more than a friendly nod at classic dub
techno as well as all that’s come out of the dubstep/”post-garage”
crowd in recent months.


Standout Tracks: “Forever,” “Another Place” DOMINIC UMILE




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