Extra Golden – Thank You Very Quickly

January 01, 1970





past year saw Extra Golden – the collaboration between a pair of former
American indie rockers and some of the best benga players from Kenya – take
their hypnotic grooves to stages all over the world. This three-month tour
solidified and tightened the band’s attack to the point that they were able to
lay down the tracks for their new album in one day. Amazingly, it doesn’t feel
hurried in the least, stretching out rumbling drumbeats and snaking,
intertwining guitar lines as far as they will reach.


anything, Thank You bears the
aggressive imprint of the U.S. rock world, as songs like “Gimakiny Akia”
and “Security” display more of a brutal punch than the band has
exhibited in the past. Extra Golden, though, manages to balance this out by
keeping things loose, playful and above all else, danceable.


Standout Tracks: “Gimakiny
Akia”, “Ukimwi” ROBERT HAM

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