Explosions in the Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

January 01, 1970

(Temporary Residence)





It’s been four years since
Explosions in the Sky released a record, during which time the Austin instrumental
quartet toured, composed, soundtracked and appeared on Austin City
. Forty-eight months is a long time in a world ruled by Short
Attention Span Theater, but the ravishingly gorgeous Take Care, Take Care, Take Care is worth the wait.


Shifting dynamics have always
played a large role in EitS’s prior work, as quiet, ethereal passages
alternated with amp-frying sonic discharges. On Take Care, the group reels in its volume-heavy excess, emphasizing
instead the winsome tunes it’s often hidden beneath the crash. E-bows and
waltzes share space with ringing arpeggios and percolating percussion, as
vocals (albeit ghostly and wordless) appear on an EitS record for the first
time. The title indicative of the record’s theme, soft emotions rule “Trembling
Hands” and “Human Qualities,” as the band’s trademark interlocking guitar
lattice becomes a framework for tender beauty. “Let Me Back In” and “Be
Comfortable, Creature” draw out the agony and ecstasy, as hearts beat against
chests pressed up against each other.


After a half-dozen records of
controlled demolition, it’s nice to hear Explosions in the Sky take time out
for love on Take Care, Take Care, Take


Me Back In” “Be Comfortable, Creature,” “Human Qualities” MICHAEL TOLAND



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