Eva & the Heartmaker – Let’s Keep This Up Forever

January 01, 1970

(Sony Music)




If you haven’t
heard of this Norwegian duo don’t worry, 
no one else has either. That might all change, however, with the release
of their sophomore record, Let’s Keep
This Up Forever
. It all started when vocalist Eva Weel Skram moved to Oslo and met her
soon-to-be musician husband Thomas Stenersen. She had some songs bouncing
around her heard, he had the musical chops (she had some of those too) and ,
after adding an obedient rhythm section, well, the rest is history.


They claim
inspiration from bands like The Beatles and The Band but sharp ears may detect
more Cardigans, Bettie Serveert and a touch of Juliana Hatfield in the vocal
department (if Juliana hailed from several thousand miles to the east).  The songs , however, are nearly impossible not
to like. First cut “Let’s Hit the Road Jack” begins like a Lilith Fair folk
tune but then the engine starts, Eva hits the gas and Thomas is holding on for
dear life while “Charming Sexy’ is the best song that wasn’t on Bettie
Serveert’s Palomine. “Please,” one of
the record’s singles, is pumped full of keyboards, organ and mellotron as Eva
coos hungrily, but with manners while
she deliver a voice full of soul on the gorgeous “Live Still Goes On.” At times
the record gets a bit too cute for its own good but then again, the band makes
no bones about it. They want to be stars and Let’s Keep This Up Forever just might get them there.


Standout Tracks:  “Let’s
Hit the Road Jack”, “Please!”, “Life Still Goes On”, “Made of Honor”  TIM


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