Eux Autres – Broken Bow

January 01, 1970

(Bons Mots)


This band,
originally comprising brother/sister duo of Heather and Nick Larimer and based
in Portland, are now a trio (having added drummer Yoski Nakamoto, formerly of
Aislers Set and more recently hitting the skins for Still Flyin’) and are now
based in San Francisco. It’s amazing how much the band has grown since the
early days and this, their 3rd full-length is easily the best thing
they have ever done with compact, focused pop songs that really move.


The record kicks
into gear immediately on song one, “Jamais” with a wiry guitar run and
Heather’s vocals that sound right off a Shop Assistants record while cut number
two, “Queen Turner”, with its background shouts of “Hey!” might be the best
song the band has written yet. Nick takes over vocals chores for compelling,
jangly “Under Rays,” then on “A Band Undone” the band takes a more tender turn
and “Rosehill” revs things back up in the best C-86 fashion. And they even turn
in a completely out-of-the-blue Springsteen cover, “My Love Will Not Let You
Down,” doing full justice to the original, while adding a subtly more bouncey
piano to the arrangement.


Even in the pop
friendly cities of San Francisco and Portland this band has
still flown under the radar and it’s anyone’s guess why. If Broken Bow doesn’t get the band more
fans (or at least a month-long residency at the Rickshaw Stop), well, then,
it’s obvious the pop fans need some more education.


DOWNLOAD: “Queen Turner”, “Under Rays,” “Go


Incidentally, the band has a Christmas single
available at the Bons Mots website. Check out their delightfully
copyright-flaunting video for “Another Christmas At Home,” below. Shh… don’t
tell a soul, and then watch their clip for “Go Dancing,” off the new album,
which just might remind you of a certain beloved rock ‘n’ roll band while reaffirming all those Best Coast comparisons the band has notched. Clearly, this is a band that has melted hearts and
touched the minds of all of us at BLURT…


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