Eugene Mirman – God is a Twelve-Year-Old Boy with Aspergers

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


The primary signifier of a great
comedian is the ability to make things that should not be considered funny
elicit fits of ROFL laughter. In theory, autism is the farthest thing from fertile
comedic material. One out of 91 children here in America are diagnosed with the
mysterious condition each year, for which there is still no known cure, and it
is a heartbreaking stressor on the lives of the afflicted’s families on account
of the condition’s myriad behavioral symptoms.


But with that said, indie comic
Eugene Mirman manages to transform the story of how a recent gig he had a NYC
bookstore that was nearly derailed by, yes, a 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome
– a mild, highly functional form of autism – who claimed to be God and wondered
why Mirman wasn’t focusing on him, into a genuine LOL riot. The reason being is
that he does it in such a deadpan subtlety that is neither confrontational nor
outright crude. And it is in this observational approach to stand-up where the
Mir’s strengths lie, whether he is talking about autism, airlines or the
political incorrectness of online polls in his native Russia over the course of this hour-odd set
recorded in late 2008 at the Lakeshore Theatre in Chicago.


Other topics he touches upon here
include, whale watches, online banner ads and his dealings with
Con Edison over his gas bill, all achieved with top humor and candor. He even
turns his comedic sword on himself, admitting to a brief stint in Special
Education during his middle school years, quipping, “I went to Special Ed
because I was forced to, but I stayed for the ladies!” In short, you will not find a better comedy album that came
out in 2009 than God is a Twelve-Year-Old
Boy with Asperger’s


Standout Tracks: 
“My Gas Got Shut Off – Boo!”, “The Questionable Polls of Russia Today”,
“The Will to Whatevs Book Tour and an Amazing Boy with Asperger’s”, “” RON HART



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