Ettes – Do You Want Power

January 01, 1970

(Take Root)


They’ve got power, if you want it, with production by Greg
Cartwright of the Reigning Sound. But the Ettes are that rarest of breeds – a
garage-rock revival whose mojo doesn’t suffer when they pull it back a notch or


The acoustic-guitar-driven folk of “Love Lies Bleeding”
comes on like a cross between the Rolling Stones in Beggars Banquet mode and Dylan at his tuneful best. “Modern Games”
is surprisingly moody. “While Your Girl’s Away” is utterly convincing
country-blues despite the girlish charms of Coco Hames’ vocal tracks (more than
grizzled). And they sign off with a melancholy ballad – complete with piano and
a haunting cello part – titled “Keep Me In Flowers,” making the most of a
rarely seen vulnerable side.


But if you think that means they’ve turned their backs on
rock and roll, you clearly haven’t heard the rockers here, from the crunchy,
guitar-driven swagger of opener “Red in Tooth and Claw” to the reckless abandon
of “I Can’t Be True,” “Walk Out That Door” and “Blood Red Blood.” The best
track, though, may be one that splits the difference – the fuzz-guitar ballad,
“So Say So.”


Standout Tracks: “Keep Me in Flowers,” “So Say So” A. WATT


Watch for the new
issue of BLURT for our Ettes feature. Meanwhile, you can read frontwoman Coco
Hames’ blog here.



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