ETERNAL TAPESTRY – Wild Strawberries

Album: Wild Strawberries

Artist: Eternal Tapestry

Label: Thrill Jockey

Release Date: February 24, 2015

Eternal Tapestry 2-24

(Thrill Jockey)


The sonic explorers that make up Eternal Tapestry holed themselves up in a literal cabin in the woods to make Wild Strawberries, and the record sounds like it. Mixing burbling synthesizers and meandering guitars with a lack of rhythm and a laidback vibe, the Portland combo finds a workable nexus between cosmic and pastoral.

“Lace Fern” meditatively cooks up an aural background, like the synthesized soundtracks to low-budget 80s sci-fi and fantasy films. “Enchanter’s Nightshade” and the title track sprawl across the fields like sunlight coming over a copse of trees, letting noodling guitar licks soak everything in sight. “Pale-Green Sedge/White Adder’s Tongue” and “Wooden Anemone” go straight for the ambient jugular with keyboard swells and near-somnambulent melody. The lack of a pulse gets wearying – some of these tracks could be tantalizing space rock if given some propulsion on a motorik beat. But other track become genuinely soothing, even mesmerizing, as they unfold, and no one could argue that the mood didn’t turn out exactly as Eternal Tapestry wanted it.

DOWNLOAD: “Lace Fern,” “Wild Strawberries”


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