Eternal Tapestry – Dawn in 2 Dimensions

January 01, 1970



space blazers Eternal Tapestry continue to push the boundaries of psychedelia
in the 21st century with this mind-melting limited edition LP that serves as a
nice sonic appetizer before their proper follow-up to 2011’s Beyond the 4th
in late 2012. For Dawn in 2 Dimensions, recorded throughout the
spring of 2011 at their own Tapestry Space studio, the Portland-based quartet
laid down material that has served as the root of their last year of concert


outcome is the closest thing the band has offered to the cosmic energy of their
live performance yet, a dizzying home brew of Funhouse-esque sax madness
and Acid Mothers Temple-worshipping space fuzz that lingers in your eardrums
long after the last moments of the 20-minute long three-part suite
“I.S.F.S.> Dawn in 2 Dimensions > Quantum Leap” ends. Dawn is far more than just a holdover
until their next album comes down the pike, but rather an album that stands as
one of Eternal Tapestry’s finest moments on wax yet.


DOWNLOAD: “Wholedome,”
“I.S.F.S.> Dawn in 2 Dimensions > Quantum Leap” RON HART



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