ETERNAL TAPESTRY – A World Out of Time

January 01, 1970

(Thrill Jockey)


Eternal Tapestry – Dewey Mahood from Plankton
Wat, Nick Binderman from Jackie O Motherfucker and brother Jed Binderman from
Heavy Winged-normally piece their psychedelic drones out of hours of taped
improvisations, weaving guitar-bending overtures thread by thread into rainbow
colored textures. This time, the three decided to record live, letting layers
of sound settle where they might.


The result is incredibly freewheeling, with
space-soaring guitar solos blasting off from tightly coiled vamps (“When I Was
in Your Mind”), eastern-droning harmonies bubbling out from super-electric
synth squiggles (“Planetoid 127”), and howling psychedelic riffs erupting from the steady wash of rain (“When Gravity
Falls”). There’s even
a flirtation with tuneful-ness in “Apocalypse Troll” (sounding like possibly
the world’s heaviest Seals & Crofts cover) and the fade-out serenity of
“Sand Into Rain,” the first-ever Eternal Tapestry cut with vocals. The sound is
not quite as clean as on Beyond the 4th Door, but there’s an organic whole-ness and immediacy that makes up for
murkier sonics.


DOWNLOAD: “When I Was In Your
Mind,” “Sand Into Rain” -JENNIFER KELLY

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