Escondido/Kolars/Sammy Brue 3/21/18, Denver

Dates: March 21, 2018

Location: Globe Hall, Denver CO

Live at Globe Hall!


It had been a few years since Nashville’s Escondido was in town. That was  fabulous gig at the Lost Lake Lounge on a magical evening. They came back with a few openers that I hadn’t heard of.

I only caught the last few songs by Sammy Brue , a very young (maybe 17) but amiable chap with an acoustic guitar, long hair and a heart full of longing that needs to get out. It was he on stage with an acoustic guitar and a lovely lady that had a violin and I like what I’d heard, even though it was only a song and a half. Wanna catch this guy next time (and make sure to check out his 2017 release on the New West label, I Am Nice).

I hadn’t heard of Kolars (above) but I know this much. They’re a duo, man/woman who call Los Angeles home and used to be in a band called He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister, but decided on a better name. The dude (Rob Kolars) is on guitar and vocals and the gal (Lauren Brown) is well, I think it’s a bass drum that she stands on and does sort of a tap dance on it while smacking the other drums with sticks. It’s quite a sight to see. They had a cool rock n’ roll vibe, with as dash of rockabilly and I’m guessing some Cramps influence in there, too (some dream pop in there as well).  Not even sure if they have any records out but they’re well worth your precious time (they didn’t even do their Neutral Milk Hotel cover and were still righteous).

The folks of Escondido, Jessica Maros on acoustic guitar and vocals and Tyler James on guitar and occasional trumpet (plus a solid, entertaining rhythm section) hit the stage a little after 10 pm and proceeded to play a superb set. I know it was a Wednesday night, but there really should’ve been a lot more people here. This is Escondido, people! Off the first record, 2012’s The Ghost of Escondido, we heard “Cold October,’ “Black Roses, “Rodeo Queen” and while on their sophomore effort, 2016’s Walking with a Stranger, they pulled out “Heart is Black,” “Try” and  few others and rthey also played out a few new cuts that sounded terrific (especially “You’re Not Like Anybody Else”).

I can’t wait for the new record and you guys need to give this band a serious listen if you’ve never heard ‘em before. The songs are  lovely (a little Mazzy Star with lots of twang) with plenty of heart and Ms. Maros has a voice from the gods.

In addition to great songs the band are truly appreciative of their audience (always a plus) amd just loved to play. The next time they hit Denver I’ll be there again (and again and again and again).

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