EROS AND THE ESCHATON – Home Address for Civil War

Album: Home Address for Civil War

Artist: Eros and the Eschaton

Label: Bar/None

Release Date: August 20, 2013



Most couples who make music together and bind their talents together as a singing, songwriting duo don’t opt to do so with such low-key ambience. Or, for that matter, choose a handle that’s so obtuse. After all, bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine are rarely the template for a boy/girl twosome that hails from the heartland.

Indeed, there are a number of things that might seem contradictory about this husband/wife pairing of Adam Hawkins and Kate Personi. For starters, they double up on practically all the instrumentation – vocals, guitar, drums and keys – but what ultimately emerges is an airy, atmospheric drift which finds wispy harmonies and lots of cosmic noodling hovering over a mostly sturdy shuffle. It’s an unlikely combination, one that emphasizes ambiance over accessibility, plus elusive melodies. The strident strum of “20 Different Days” and the crash and clutter pervading “Terence McKenna” create a bold impression even though the celestial trappings leave little to latch on to.  Nevertheless, the deep pulse that propels “Over and Over” succeeds in providing momentum, and “Lately (I’ve Been Wondering)” almost comes close to being catchy in the traditional sense of “catchy.” Ultimately Home Address for Civil War can feel as ambiguous, aloof and difficult to grasp as the album title otherwise implies – call it, mood music for the terrestrially challenged.

DOWNLOAD: “Over and Over,” “20 Different Days,” “Lately (I’ve Been Wondering)”


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