ERICA BLINN – Lovers in the Dust

Album: Lovers in the Dust

Artist: Erica Blinn

Label: Curry House

Release Date: January 28, 2014

Erica Blinn 1-28


 There’s no shortage of budding young singer/songwriters nowadays, and that puts a special onus on each of these up-and-comers to grab attention from the get-go. Fortunately for Erica Blinn, she possesses that certain knowhow. On this, her sophomore effort, she comes across with a cool confidence that not only asserts her authority, but also affirms she has that certain savvy needed to propel her to the head of the pack.

 That’s especially true on songs like “Whiskey Kisses,” “Let Me Be Yours” and “Need Somebody Tonight,” the latter a duet with Devon Allman that positively sizzles. Suffice it say, Blinn packs enough smouldering sensuality into her material to light up a football stadium. “How lucky I am,” she coos in one of the set’s slower songs, and while it clearly takes more than luck to create an album like this, it’s also clear that she possess a certain spark. Both a riveting and relentless progression from start to finish, Lovers in the Dust is nothing less than a spellbinding set of songs.

DOWNLOAD: “Whiskey Kisses,” “Let Me Be Yours,” “Need Somebody Tonight”

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