Eric Bobo & Latin Bitman – Welcome To The Ritmo Machine

January 01, 1970



traveled beat and groove masters Eric Bobo and Latin Bitman have combined
forces for Welcome To The Ritmo Machine, a vibrant, continent-hopping
mash-up of contemporary Latin musics, circa 2012. 


Bobo’s musical resume includes his long-standing gig as percussionist in
Cypress Hill, extensive recording and touring with Ill Communication era
Beastie Boys, recording and touring work with Gnarls Barkley, Rage Against The
Machine, Black Crowes and Ella Fitzgerald, and a 2008 solo CD Meeting of the
. He grew up surrounded by music as the son of the great Latin jazz
legend Willie Bobo. 


mix master and world class surfer Latin Bitman has a couple of solo CDs and TV
show work under his belt, and a knack for bringing a mix of South American
vibes to whatever he touches. Together and along with various members of
Cypress Hill, Jurassic 5, Beastie Boys and more they have joined forces for Welcome to the Ritmo Machine, cooking up a fabulously tasty pot of Latin
funk, hip hop, electro samba and whatever else they feel like tossing into the



spirit of adventure and eclecticism rules Welcome To The Ritmo Machine,
but the whole thing is solidly grounded in a hip hop point of view and studio
technology. The opener, aptly titled
“Welcome to the Ritmo Machine,” sets the mood and lays out the tools on hand:
deep grooves, throbbing bass keyboard, hyperactive percussion flourishes, savvy
studio touches, lots of scratching and various guest rappers, DJs and
vocalists. From there they take off on a tour of the terrain. 


This Heat,” featuring Chali 2na from Jurassic 5, proffers a tropical,
samba-infused take on hip hop. The beautifully syncopated “Maestro” is a 21st
century blend of hip, modern groove jazz, hip hop and Afrobeat. The glitchy,
scratch-happy “Save My World” is a funky delight featuring Mix Master Mike
(Beastie Boys) and P-Nut (311). “The Ooohs” is a super slinky, while several
other tracks (“La Calle,” “Sabe,” “Senny Sosa,” more) mix and match new strains
of Latin funk and hip hop. “Follow Me” with Money Mark is a great instrumental,
and “This Day” is a statement of purpose (“New York to Chile/how it’s going
down” is the refrain) backed up with a hard beat and electric guitar that’s as
rock as funk. They finish it off with an electro-samba version of “Brazil” that’s
a perfect capper.


To The Ritmo Machine
will blow some warm, tropical heat into your winter
and on into the summer. It’s a great pairing, and hopefully not the last.


DOWNLOAD: “Maestro,” “Save My
World,” “Sabe,” “Follow Me” “The Oohs.” CARL HANNI


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