English Beat – Live at the US Festival ’82 & ‘83

January 01, 1970

(Shout Factory)




There seems to be something of an English Beat revival
lately, what with the recent release of a box set and simultaneous issue of an
album boasting their greatest hits. Then, mere weeks later, along comes this
live CD/DVD, recorded at the US Festival and culled from both years they
appeared, 1982 and’83. Those that gave the band only nominal attention the
first time around now get a chance to make amends and plunge even further into
the group’s bouncy catalogue courtesy of these concert incarnations of the
band’s signature set list.


The energy’s infectious, and caught up in the frenzy of the
festival, they offer a veritable whirlwind of a performance — frenetic,
fast-paced and flush with the exuberance of that era.  They were, after all, a group born in the
final throes of Britain’s punk fixation, and while ska and reggae govern their
MO, an irreverent attitude creeps into the proceedings and provides an added
edge, That’s especially evident in such songs as “Two Swords” and “Hands Off…
She’s Mine,” but it also makes even the better-known tunes like “Save It for
Later,” “Mirror in the Bathroom” and “Tears of a Clown” sound somewhat giddy as
well. Inevitably, it’s the attitude and enthusiasm that stand out, and given
those attributes, the Beat goes on.


DOWNLOAD: “Save It for Later,” “Hands
Off… She’s Mine,” “Tears of a Clown” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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