English Beat 5/22/15, Denver

Dates: May 22, 2015

Location: Gothic Theatre, Denver CO



The English Beat seem to tour like crazy, I’ve heard leader Dave Wakeling lives in Marin County (just north of San Francisco) and the band is always getting out and about. I wonder if the tour more than they did in the ‘80s?

This line-up is lead singer/main songwriter Dave Wakeling and a 5-piece band behind him. Wakeling sings and plays guitar, he had a bassist, drummer, keyboardist, sax player and standing right next to him, a very tall gent doing backup/occasional lead vocals. Though Wakeling and crew do stop in Denver on the tours, the way this crowd was into it you’d think it was their first time playing Denver in 30 years or something. It was a good to see the crowd being so into it (except for the one drunk guy who wouldn’t shut up and finally Wakeling had to call out).

They opened up with “Too Nice to Talk To” and from that point on it was a flurry of old hits from the early 80’s. “Twist and Crawl, “Hands Off…She’s Mine,” “I Confess” and “Mirror in the Bathroom” were just a few of them gems.

The band played plenty more too: “Twist and Crawl”, “Rough Rider”, “Save It for Later”, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You” and others. The band still exudes a smooth but jumpy energy on stage that gets people’s feet movin’.

The band certainly knows what the crowd wants. They also played the General Public classic “Tenderness” as well as a few new ones (off a forthcoming album?).

The band didn’t play any encores, but at two hours and the flurry of classics they played, they didn’t need to.

Photo credit: via the band’s Facebook page.

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