Emperor X – 7

January 01, 1970





Just imagine: I’m
a contemporary musician who wants to dig into the most authentic-feeling
ephemeral and corporeal matter. Field recordings, in and of themselves, are no longer
newsworthy. Hmm… loving what I do, I’ll proceed forward from my former life as
a high school science instructor. I’ll do my first performances in church
basements if I have to; in the process realizing there may be some mystery
within “speaking in tongues.” I’ll use the karaoke machine at a Pentecostal
church for recording. Since my vision problems preclude driving, I’ll tour via
bus. I’ll record in the closet of a college’s athletic center and at a punk
rock group house


Later, after nearly ten, mostly self-produced recordings,
people who appreciate me, who have a label called Bar/None, will take me under
their wing. I’ll go on tour with the Front Bottoms. But I won’t just climb in
and out of the van to perform. I’ll leave parcels, digitally-tagged geocaches
that I’ll call “nodes,” which will eventually form Western Teleport Nodes. My friends and fans will be amused and
stimulated by discovering these through an interactive game.


Maybe most importantly – at least for observers and
reviewers —  I’ll fashion audio
compositions from a myriad of sources. One could be about trying to repair an
air conditioner. Another, as in “Erica Western Teleport,” could be about trying
to wipe someone from my psyche (“Don’t think of her swimming sideways/Don’t
think of her kicking at the topsoil/”… “Don’t think of her cursing at
commuters/Don’t think of her/Please never think of her”).


Observers and reviewers are probably going to laugh, like,
“How does C.R. Matheny, also known as Emperor X, know what’s going on – or used
to – inside my brain?” They’ll be amazed at how often I successfully mix the
detritus of contemporary existence, somewhat akin to GiTAr’s work, with the pop
sensibility of Pavement, the casual creativity of Mice Parade, and working
knowledge of the ephemeral space that provides refuge for the conscious
alongside the subconscious.


They’re going to welcome their creative new friend, and when
I need another place –  to sleep, record,
or just reinvigorate their hunger for life – they’ll think of me.


Western Teleport,” “Compressor Repair,” “Canada
Day,” “The Magnetic Media Storage Practices of Rural Pakistan” MARY LEARY

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