Album: Canyoun Music

Artist: Emily Grace Berry

Label: Steadyboy

Release Date: February 19, 2013

Emily Grace Berry



For a newcomer, Emily Grace Berry sounds remarkably assured, blessed with a clear confidence that’s owed at least in part to the steady assist provided by veteran producer and Shakin’ Apostles mainstay Freddie Steady Krc.  It follows then that Krc’s responsible for the glossy sheen that gives Canyon Music its vivid allure. Yet while Berry herself may be a relative newcomer – she released an EP prior to this full-length effort –she also sounds like she draws inspiration from the ages, with a smooth country rock croon that recalls the sound of the Burrito Brothers, the Eagles and, yes, the Shakin’ Apostles as well.

Berry’s an able singer/songwriter in her own right – “Where I Belong,” “Way Back When” and “Colorado Memories” all attest to her ability to combine a poignant lyric with a catchy hook – but she and Krc also have a certain savvy when it comes to selecting outside material that serves her easy, appealing template. Her covers of “It Hurts to Be in Love” and Buddy Holly’s “Wishing” take the same tack as the originals, while her version of the Buffalo Springfield’s “Flying on the Ground is Wrong” sounds both wistful and resilient. At the same time, her take on Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Maybe Mexico” rocks relentlessly. Lessons learned; early on, Berry’s already raised the bar.

DOWNLOAD: “Flying on the Ground is Wrong,” “Where I Belong, “Way Back When”

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