Elk City – House of Tongues

January 01, 1970

(Friendly Fire Recordings)




To hear their label tell it, they’re chasing the spirit of
’70s radio pop on House of Tongues. And
yet, if you actually listened to radio pop in the ’70s, you’d know they come
off sounding closer to the dream-pop-flavored side of modern indie – which is
not a bad thing.


Guitarist Sean Eden of Luna may have brought a good deal of
that dream pop flavor to the table, but Renee LoBue’s seductive vocal quirks
have done more to define Elk City’s sound, whether they’re working a rootsier
angle with spooky organ on a lead-off track called “Real Low Riders” or getting
arty and dramatic at the same time on the post-punk-flavored “Wire Goats.”
You’d swear they hit their stride on the Lennonesque sleepwalk, “The Onion.”
Then, they change things up and completely mess with your perception of their
strength with the transcendent indie-pop of “For the Uninitiated,” which
somehow manages to blend the best of Concrete Blonde, the Pixies, Pavement and
Guided by Voices. 


Standout Track: “For the Uninitiated” A. WATT



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