Elizabeth Mitchell – Sunny Day

January 01, 1970

(Smithsonian Folkways Recordings)




Elizabeth Mitchell might be the perfect
children’s musician. Neither a moonlighting indie-rocker nor a goofy
entertainer who panders to the little tykes, Mitchell’s kids’ music comes out
of her experience as a preschool teacher and a folk-rocker with her band
Ida. Her musical background allows her to create simple, sweet (but not
saccharine) arrangements of songs by Chuck Berry and Bill Withers, as well as
traditional folk music, gospel songs and Japanese nursery rhymes. It’s also how
she got people like Levon Helm and Jon Langford to play with her.


The schoolteacher in Mitchell is what
taught her that kids shouldn’t only be in the audience, they should be
participants. While parents may not love hearing Mitchell’s nine-year-old
daughter sing Berry’s
“School Days,” you can be sure their kids will. And there’s plenty
for adults to enjoy too. Unlike most kids’ music, nothing on Sunny Day strays too far from what
parents hear every day on NPR. When Mitchell and her daughter team up on songs
like the title track it’s hard not to join in with your kids
too. A lot of musicians create songs with the hope that they’ll
bring people together. Mitchell’s absolutely do. 


DOWNLOAD: “Sunny Day” “Green, Green Rocky Road” HAL BIENSTOCK


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