Album: New Moodio

Artist: Eleventh Dream Day

Label: Comedy Minus One

January 01, 1970

Eleventh Dream Day



The title of Eleventh Dream Day’s latest release should sound familiar. Recorded quickly in 1991 with producer Brad Wood, the songs contained herein were intended to generate label interest in a follow-up to the buzz-generating (but underperforming, at least in their Atlantic Records bosses’ eyes) Lived to Tell, a follow-up that eventually come out on the aforementioned major label as El Moodio. A mix of songs familiar to fans of that underrated album, tracks that eked out on compilations and tunes that have never seen sunlight before now, New Moodio boils over with the guitar rock goodness for which the Chicago band is justifiably infamous.

Recorded with minimum gloss but maximum clarity, “Making Like a Rug,” “That’s the Point” and the unreleased tune “Thinking Out Loud” rock like demons, while “Figure It Out,” “Sunflower” and the jangly “Where is My Saint” (another previously hidden tune) revel in the winsome, almost folky melodies often lurking behind the sound of frying amplifiers. “Raft Song” and “Honey Slide” work epic psychedelic grooves that simmer and shimmer, taking full advantage of the quartet’s facility for multiple guitar textures, while the third new/old song “Everywhere Down Here” goes for almost roots rock vibe. Diehards can argue over which versions of the Moodio songs are better, but given that the original languishes in OOP limbo and these takes sound fantastic, it doesn’t matter – New Moodio is another chance to enjoy some of EDD’s best work anew.

DOWNLOAD: “Thinking Out Loud,” “Figure It Out,” “Making Like a Rug”


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