Electric Six – Flashy

January 01, 1970





Six may never release another album as giddily fun and consistently catchy as
their 2003 debut Fire, and they damn
sure won’t ever have a song get as much attention as did the irresistible “Gay
Bar” from that record. But after a trio of relatively uninspired retreads of
that debut’s admittedly unique hybrid of new wave, disco, and power pop,
they’ve finally made another disc worth listening to as much for its sound as
for Dick Valentine’s deliciously dumb lyrics.


fret, Flashy‘s got plenty of stupid
to go around, from the housekeeping-meets-international-espionage of “Formula
409” to the occult sexuality of “We Were Witchy Witchy White Women.” And the
biggest goof of all is the album’s opener, “Gay Bar Part Two,” which has
absolutely nothing but its title in common with its precursor, a ploy Valentine
happily admits is a shameless attempt to sell a few more copies.


the music here succeeds on its own merits-chock full o’ power chords, retro
synths, skronking saxes, singalong choruses, even a vocoder, for chrissakes-so
that even when Valentine sings “she’s a nine-to-fiver/got evil up inside
her/she’s a graphic designer,” you actually give a shit. It’s tempting to write
them off as mere postmodern goofs, but Electric Six are no joke.


“Formula 409,” “Graphic Designer” ERIC SCHUMACHER-RASMUSSEN


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