January 01, 1970

(The Control Group)


Thereought to be a genre for melodies that are hard to hum. If that was the case, Swedish songbird Sarah Assbring, aka El Perro Del Mar, could have it cornered. Unlike earlier efforts which found her bound up in melancholia and contemplation, Pale Fire captures her in nocturnal night club mode, constructing pulsating rhythms and ethereal ambiance for those who embrace specific cosmic connections

All ten tracks evoke surreal circumstance, given a delivery that’s atmospheric, amorphous and hypnotic. “Walk On By” is the easy standout, a techno shuffle with a hip-hop sensibility. Assbring throws all sorts of elements into the mix – drones, swirling synths and even a barking dog – making songs like “Hold Off The Dawn” and “I Carry The Fire” sound, by turns, feisty, sensual and cerebral. Little wonder then that this Pale Fire emits a lot of heat.

DOWNLOAD: “Walk On By,” “I Carry The Fire” -LEE ZIMMERMAN

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