El Perro Del Mar – Love Is Not Pop

January 01, 1970

(The Control Group)




Actually, love is still pop on El Perro Del Mar’s latest
effort. It’s just bummed-out, slow and wounded pop, from the heartbreaking
chamber-pop opener, “Gotta Get Smart,” where she eases some poor bastard into
the talk they need to have with a sighed, “I’ve got something to tell you;
don’t want to make you sad,” to “Change of Heart,” a track swimming in
atmosphere, echo and sadness.


The innocent charm of her earlier work is replaced here by a
world-weary darkness, turning downright creepy on the claustrophobic “Let Me
In,” with its echoing plea of “Baby, open up the door; don’t make me have to
break the lock.” But the pop sensibilities remain. And give the girl some
credit for “Heavenly Arms,” a Lou Reed song that feels more like a Yoko song as
Kate Bush might have done it here.


Standout Tracks: “Gotta Get Smart,” “Let Me In.” A. WATT


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