Album: Lies & Wishes

Artist: Edward David Anderson

Label: Royal Potato Family

Release Date: April 29, 2014

Edward David Anderson



Edward David Anderson is not a name most people would recognise, unless one was somehow familiar with Backyard Tire Fire, the band he was once associated with. Barring that, Anderson’s sole source of reference becomes this daring debut album, an effort which immediately establishes the multi-named singer/songwriter as a force to be reckoned with. Having garnered immediate cred courtesy of having producer Steve Berlin planted at the helm, Anderson wastes no time is making his mark, playing the bulk of the instruments in service of songs that show both strength and durability.

Opening track “Lie & Wishes,” with its acoustic framework and incidental effects, suggests he’ll take an austere approach, an impression that’s repeatedly reaffirmed throughout. “Son of a Plumber” conveys a rugged tale of a weary worker’s allegiance to his dad, while the forward thrust of “Taking It Our On You” provides a gritty tale of resilience and regret. Still, Anderson avoids complete despair; the striking “Fires” is wrapped in total devotion, while the easy rolling sway of “Nothing Lasts Forever” provides a guide to assurance and perseverance that’s nothing less than a life lesson in itself.

A surprisingly bold effort by an artist who already appears on the verge of making an emphatic imprint, Lies & Wishes is quite an impressive brew.

DOWNLOAD: “Son of a Plumber,” “Taking It Out On You,” “Lies & Wishes”

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