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January 01, 1970





It’s been eight years since her last solo record and Edie
Brickell – the one time college dorm room music staple – makes up for lost
time, by jumping quickly back into her brand of infectious, jangly folk rock.
From the opening track off of her self-titled release (“Give it Another Day”),
Brickell reminds the world that female-fronted pop music is much more than the US Weekly-ready antics of Lady GaGa and
Katy Perry, and actually concentrates on solid songwriting and powerful vocals.


The album’s genesis dates back to 2003 when she first
started writing the songs, but was put on hold to focus on other musical
collaboration including a reunion with The New Bohemians and an album by the
group The Heavy Circles, a band with her step-son Harper Simon. Far stronger
than her first two solo records, this self-titled 10 track release boasts a
much more confident Brickell. The only weak track (“Pill”) comes early on but
is quickly forgotten thanks to a slew of memorable songs.


Along with the Charlie Sexton-producer solo effort,
Brickell has also just put out a debut record with the band The Gaddabouts (The Gaddabouts, featuring industry
veterans Steve Gadd, Pino Palladino and Andy Fairweather-Low), an
equally powerful album that sounds… well, pretty much like another Brickell
solo effort.  We missed ya.


DOWNLOAD: “Give It Another Day” and “Been So Good”   JOHN

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