Eddy Current Suppression Ring – So Many Things

January 01, 1970





This collection of singles and compilation tracks covers
pretty much the entirety of Eddy Current Suppression Ring from their raucous,
first-ever single “Get Up Morning” to the dissolute fade-out of last year’s
“Rush to Relax.” Regardless of vintage, it’s all fine, loosely constructed punk
rock, centered around Brendan Suppression’s yowling, drawling,
let-it-all-hang-out vocal delivery, but beefed up considerably by the headlong,
brutally simple but excellent playing. Iggy Pop is the patron saint of this
sort of thing, but you’ll also hear shades of the Fall, Radio Birdman and the


The band’s id is Suppression, who, from the first moments of
2004 single “So Many Things” seems prepared to muse and moan and carry on about
whatever’s on his mind. He has no filters and no sense of embarrassment as he
rails at a girl for, among other things, failing to compliment him on his coat.
He works in a slightly amplified monotone which is only occasionally varied by
a change in notes and not at all bothered by any need for melody. And yet, none
of this is a knock, he has one of those punk rock voices that are immediately
iconic and irreducibly memorable, part Mark E. Smith-ish slur and part
Iggy-esque incantation.


The rest of the band is great, too. Eddy Current, the guitar
player, plays hard and loud, but also with a fair amount of variety. “You Don’t
Care” is pounding, blaring, Clash-style punk, but “Precious Rose” is almost
surfy and “Wet Cement” has a full-bore, Spector-esque rock romanticism. None of
the riffs are showy.  All make complete
sense within the context of a given song, in an elemental, always been there
kind of way. Eddy Current also plays the circus-y keyboards in songs like
“We’ll Be Turned On” adding an interestingly queasy, off-tuned carnival vibe. Add
to this the very fine, often foregrounded punk bass work of Rob Solid, the now
rock steady, now abstract and explosive drumming of Danny Current.


So Many
showcases ECSR’s own work – to my mind, “Precious Rose” and
“Let Me Be Honest With You” are the standouts – but also includes some terrific
covers. ECSR shows where it’s coming from in a frantic cover of the Pagans’
“Boy Can I Dance Good,” (fantastic rocker’s falling-off-a-cliff yell from
Suppression at the end of the intro) as well as in a hard-scrubbed,
fast-talking take on “T.A.L.O.I.G.A. (There’s a Lot of It Going Around”) by
Melbourne first-wave punks the Chosen Few. Their damaged  love of pop shows through in a over-wired
version of the Go-Go’s “We’ve Got the Beat.” The contrast between the glossy
original and ECSR’s ragged tribute is so vast that you might, at first, find
yourself laughing out loud, but listen five times, and you might like ECSR’s
cover better.    


DOWNLOAD: “Precious
Rose” “Let Me Be Honest With You” “T.A.L.O.I.G.A.” JENNIFER KELLY

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