EDDIE SPAGHETTI – The Value of Nothing

Album: The Value of Nothing

Artist: Eddie Spaghetti

Label: Bloodshot

Release Date: June 18, 2013

Eddie S



Four albums on, Mr. Spaghetti remains as irascible as ever, and while his day job with the Supersuckers would seem to offer ample opportunity to vet rowdier rebukes, his solo efforts suggest he has plenty of outrage to rail on about. Of course, part of Eddie’s charm lies in the fact that he wields that pissed off perspective proudly, and with song titles like “People Are Shit,” “Fuckin’ With My Head” and “If Anyone’s Got the Balls,” he’s apparently compounded his complaints.

His rambunctious attitude may translate as a sneer or a swagger, but regardless, that insurgent sentiment casts a wide net in terms of what it targets. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get swept up in his snarky tirades, partially because the frustrations he sings about are also issues plenty of people can relate to these days. Yet, while most of the album is buried in bluster, the most telling song is the ballad that serves as its final coda. Consequently, “When I Go, I’m Gone” offers a rare respite, with the normally saucy Spaghetti reflecting on his life and legacy. It’s an uncommon instance of serious rumination, a tender moment in the midst of otherwise cynical circumstance.

DOWNLOAD: “Fuckin’ With My Head,” “When I Go, I’m Gone,” “If Anyone’s Got the Balls”

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