Eddie Spaghetti – Sundowner

January 01, 1970

(Bloodshot Records)




Eddie Spaghetti, the Supersuckers’ front man, turns his
third solo outing into what could be considered a tribute album of sorts, given
the fact he culls its material from both expected sources — Willie Nelson,
Steve Earle, Johnny Cash, Del Reeves and Dave Dudley — and the decidedly odd
input of the Dwarves and the Lee Harvey Oswald Band. Spaghetti gives it all
equal treatment, turning each into a rocking, irreverent rave-up that reflects
his obvious desire to party hearty, the country purists be damned.


Like he does in his day job, he eschews subtlety in favor of
a rootsy sprawl, making songs such as “Never Thought I Would,” “Cowboy Boots,”
“Girl on the Billboard” and “Jesus Never Lived on Mars” paeans to red neck
revelry and the good ‘ole boy brotherhood. Spaghetti’s world is one of pool
halls and trailer parks, where sleeveless shirts and overalls are suggested
dress and a cold brew and chewing tobacco are all the refreshment desired. Even
so, he deserves credit for taking the occasional left turn. His cover of the
punk standard “Where Do I Go?” and the heartbreak ballad “Always On My Mind”
show he can veer off the main line and still make it to the next truck stop
without worry. After all, the down home twang and one-two rhythms remain in the
mix, and with the kick of his irascible attitude, this Sundowner provides an outlet for indulgence all evening long.


Thought I Would,” “Where Do I Go,” “Always On My Mind” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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