Ed Harcourt – Lustre

January 01, 1970

(Piano Wolf)




Ed Harcourt sets the tone here with a breathtaking
chamber-pop ballad that finds him extolling the virtues of the lustre that
comes “from the ruby-red blood on my hands when I’ve pulled out all the
thorns,” the lustre “when your house burns down” and the lustre “when the love
in your life has gone and all your checks have bounced.” And while he clearly
meant that part about the checks you’ve bounced to bring at least a little
smile, “Lustre” does sum up the essence of his finest hours, bringing lustre to
the darkest depths of the human condition.


There’s a bummed-out sense of majesty to the achingly
beautiful “Killed By the Morning Sun,” an organ-fueled lament that starts with
a gravelly sigh of “Pleaassse let your tears roll down the drain.” On “Church
of No Religion,” he shrugs off the need for “an angel to keep me in line” while
dispensing with one of his more angelic melodies. And when he does fall in love
on the hopelessly romantic “Haywired,” his bliss is couched in feelings of
self-doubt and wonder, with a beautiful, Wilco-does-Todd Rundgren chorus of “Oh
please don’t break me from this spell. I found a little heaven in this world of


Standout Track: “Haywired”


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