Echo Lake – Wild Peace

January 01, 1970



From seemingly
out of nowhere, they formed in 2010, comes this London duo of Thom Hill (the madcap genius)
and Linda Jarvis (former choir girl) and who have quietly (or not so) made one
of the best records of the year. The sound is dense, dreamy, hazy and gauzy and
they take touchstones of dream pop and shoegaze and go a step further blending
the ethereal beauty of the Cocteau Twins (especially in Jarvis’ vocals) with a
kind of classic songwriting of Galaxie 500 and all webbed-over in that musical
fog that the Pale Saints and My Bloody Valentine used so effectively. Add in a
perfect production job that only an obsessive like Phil Spector would clamor
for (does Thomas Hill ever sleep?) and yes, you have Wild Peace.


From the opening
cut “Further Down” (a nice intro, easing you into the proceedings) and on until
the tenth and final song, “Just Kids” and everything in between, these ten
songs could each be individual hits or work as one dreamy, cinematic whole.
Stuffed in between that first and last song are some near perfect gems like the
straight-forward “Another Day”, the eerie waltz of the title track (reminiscent
of Beach House) and two re-recorded ones from the band’s debut ep (“Young
Silence” and “In Dreams”). They hit paydirt (if not perfection) near the end
with the soaring “Last Song of the Year” and jangly “Swimmers.” These kinds of
records don’t come along very often, Wild
needs to be heard.


Come ride the
fiery breeze of Echo Lake!


DOWNLOAD: “Another Day”, “Young Silence”, “Last
Song of the Year”, “Swimmers” TIM HINELY



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