Album: Green

Artist: Echo Bloom

Label: self-released

Release Date: March 09, 2018


Kyle Evans and his band Echo Bloom, on their latest release, Green, have created an album that is like a summer drive through Tennessee. And even though he now calls New York City home, there won’t be any moments where you yell out, “This stuff is made in New York City…get a rope”. The album—which for me, has tinges of Doug Hoekstra and Golden Smog, as well as the Judybats—is simply fantastic.

“Fire In Your Eyes” is a tune bursting with passion as singer/songwriter Evans sings, “You’ve got a fire in your eyes that I will follow through the night.” I get a sense of a relationship that’s hit some bumps that he’s trying to put in the rearview mirror, especially when he sings the line, “Baby we will be all right.” This is a sentiment we can all relate to. The PR firm marked off a few songs on the press release, that I guess are the focus tracks, but interestingly, it was numbers like “The Swimmer,” where Evans sounds like a countrified Stuart Staples from The Tindersticks, and the closing track “Unchanged,” that I found the most compelling. In fact, “Unchanged” is a track in search of a film; I can see it in my mind’s eye, it would either be the closing credits, or a transitional sequence of shots as the protagonist makes his way down the road towards an unknown destination. It’s a beautiful, contemplative number, where the guitar work really shines. Much like the beautiful cover art that covers the CD, this album is a well-wrought piece of art, with its amazing musicianship and production. I look forward to exploring more of their music.

DOWNLOAD: “Unchanged” “The Swimmer” “Fire In Your Eyes”


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