Early Day Miners – The Treatment

January 01, 1970





The Early
Day Miners haven’t suddenly decided to get happy on their latest album, but The Treatment definitely finds them moving
into a more upbeat territory. The eight songs each last an average of five
minutes, developing moods with repetitive riffs and contemplative vocals that
practically ask for dance floor movement, even as the lyrical matter remains
uncertain and a little obtuse.


 “How to Fall,” perfectly placed at the midway
point, starts with a percolating bass and congas which set the scene for layers
of cascading tremolo guitars and maracas, the latter to increase the feel of
the groove. “The Surface of Things” has a dreamy beauty to it, with a
rim-and-snare beat and more of those guitars and keyboards coming and going,
ensuring that these six minutes go by without it seeming that long. The Miners
also end the album on a mysterious note: After the epic “Becloud,” with its
echoey falsetto backing vocals and new wave synths, “Silver Oath,” features a
couple guitars with a country twang in a piece that barely gets started before
the group suddenly vanishes after two minutes. This is what dance music is all


Standout Tracks: “How
To Fall,” “The Zip” MIKE


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