Earl Greyhound – Suspicious Package

January 01, 1970

(Hawk Race





If your elders
ever argued that good ol’ classic rock is no more, they haven’t listened to
Earl Greyhound. The NYC trio oozes rock and forges a wall of immense sound
reminiscent of rock past. It sounds as if you’ve entered a sonic time warp
transporting you to 1970. Lead singer, guitarist Matt Whyte, bassist, vocalist
Kamara Thomas and drummer Ricc Sheridan return with their third LP, Suspicious Package.


Here Greyhound continues
their brand of bluesy rock but transcend their usual sound to create an album
that ranges a great expanse. Suspicious
opens with the epic-like tracks “The Eyes of Cassandra (Part 1 and
2);” as Part 1 comes to a close the Bossa Nova inspired number undergoes a dark
transformation as Thomas’ voice wails and soars over Whyte’s roaring guitar and
the crashes of cymbals.


“Shotgun” and
“Holy Immortality” immediately catches your ear with its melodic charm as Whyte
and Thomas share vocals duties, something they do throughout the album; Thomas’
soulful voice adds another layer to the album. And indeed, like the old days
this LP is an album, not a “singles
factory.” As the trio tread on slightly new ground, they’ve reached a new
plateau to suggest what great lengths they can climb. Suspicious Package is a peek into the creative future of Earl


Standout Tracks: “Shotgun,” “Holy Immortality” APRIL S.


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