EAGULLS / CHEATAHS 6/7/14, Denver

Dates: June 7, 2014

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO



This was a solid double bill at Denver’s Larimer Lounge, although it was unfortunately marred by some odd behavior from the leadsinger of Eagulls (see below).

UK band Cheatahs opened with another terrific set. I caught them here last year opening for Wavves and they had the crowd mesmerized. The crowd wasn’t quite as dense tonight (but the place wasn’t empty by any stretch). After some well-received EPs last year the band released their debut full-length earlier this year to some smashing reviews and we got to hear plenty off said record including “Geographic” and “Mission Creep.” In the band gouging, melodic, atmospheric fashion. Well done. (Below: the Cheatahs)



I have been jazzed to see Eagulls in a live setting ever since hearing their debut LP a few months ago (on the Partisan label). The set started off well but about three songs into the set vocalist George Mitchell, who was apparently having mic problems (apparently vocal effects box issues) stormed off the stage. The rest of the band followed only to return a few minutes later to try it again. Before even hopping into another song Mitchell stormed off again while the rest of the band stayed and decided to give it a go. They played a few instrumentals then grabbed some lucky bastard from the crowd to sing a few cuts and then, for the final few cuts the bassist (Tom Kelly) sang. In addition to Kelly, the rest of the band, guitarists Mark Goldsworthy and Liam Matthews along with drummer Henry Ruddell put on a blistering performance, showing off what they can do minus their moody singer.  Crowd favorites off said LP, like “Nerve Endings’ and “Possessed” sound terrific, vocalist or not.

From what I’d heard Mitchell was seen later that night in a sad state outside the club (the last vocalist I remember doing that was HR from the Bad Brains).

Ok, so it wasn’t the set I’d hoped for by Eagulls, but the night wasn’t a total wash either (could’ve bene a lot worse, all things considered, 4/5 of Eagulls played their hearts out, probably embarrassed by their singer’s antics). When and if Eagulls comer back to town I’ll be there and hope Mitchell realizes he has a dedicated fan base here really wanting to see a proper set. Make it up to us next time, George, and all will be forgiven.


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