Dylan Mondegreen – Dylan Mondegreen

January 01, 1970





If you’ve never
heard of Norwegian Dylan Mondegreen it’s ok, you’re in luck, because he has two
other records out. You know what else? Would you believe that Dylan Mondegreen
isn’t even his real name? Nope, it’s the pseudonym of Borge Sildnes, and while
he has been releasing music for nearly a decade, this is his first true release
in America
and it’s a doozie.


And as an artist
of the pop form he knew right where to go when he got St. Etienne/Field Mice
producer Ian Catt to both produce and mix this – the sound is as gorgeous and
lush as anything that Catt has previously done. It’s also lyrically heavy with
songs like “Life As a Father,” “The Heart is a Muscle” and “”Tears All Over
Town.”  Nine songs and not a bad one in
the bunch.


Welcome to America, Dylan!


DOWNLOAD: “Castaway,” “Come Tomorrow,” “Life as a
Father,” It Takes Two,” “Keeper of Secrets,” “You Make it Easy” TIM HINELY




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