Dwarr – Animals [reissue]

January 01, 1970



(Drag City/Yoga)




recently, if you wanted to hear Dwayne Warr’s metal-prog magnum opus Animals,
you had to pay up big-time on eBay. The album, originally released in 1986,
swaggers with Sabbath-y sludge, ponders an elaborate Tull-esque mythology and
wrestles in a massively heavy way with questions of faith and dissolution.


The mood
bottoms in the timpani-pounding “That Deadly Night,” Warr whispering
desperately over cymbal rolls and horror house guitar squalls. The best cut on
this lost metal classic, though, is “Ghost Lovers”, a mirror-world reflection
of early Black Sabbath, with a bit of Yes thrown in.


struggled with drugs and alcohol after this album, at one point destroying all his
recordings before finding god. You can hear him moving in this direction as Animals progresses, most notably in the super-heavy, proto-Christian-metal anthem “Are
You Real?” There’s a really lovely “Planet Caravan”-ish excursion into serenity
at the album’s end in “Lucky Star,” suggesting that, even at his most
desperate, Warr had an occasional glimpse of spiritual peace. Not quite White
Sabbath, but close.  


DOWNLOAD: “Ghost Lovers” “Lucky Star” JENNIFER KELLY


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