DUTCH UNCLES – Out of Touch, In the Wild

Album: Out of Touch, In the Wild

Artist: Dutch Uncles

Label: Memphis Industries

Release Date: April 16, 2013

Dutch Uncles 4-13



They hail from Manchester, England and call what they do “math-pop” (I know) and from what I’ve read, have some pretty eclectic influences (Prince, Steve Reich, Japan, etc.).  These five well-groomed gents wants to take pop music out into left field as far as it will go, maybe to the foul pole, before heading over to right field (through center field, of course and back to the dugout, not even stopping to round the bases.

The songs on Out of Touch, In the Wild are more in the vein of another forward-thinking UK band Field Music with propulsive dance rhythms with perky keyboards (they take precedent over guitars this time out). Laid out on top (like smooth peanut butter) is Duncan Wallis’ rich tenor. The rock vibe of past records is all but gone but not completely as the final song, “Brio” smokes along.

Not 100% sure I like the change in direction, but hey, it is growing on me (they’re definitely not afraid to follow their own muse) and can these guys can name songs like nobody’s business:  “Pondage,” “Godboy,” “Pleaxxin,” “Nometo” etc.

DOWNLOAD: “Pondage,” “Brio,” “Fester”


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