Dunwells – Blind Sighted Faith

January 01, 1970

(Playing in
Traffic Records)




For relative
newcomers, Brit brothers David and Joseph Dunwell, cousins Jonny Lamb and Rob
Clayton, and pal Dave Hanson already appear quite proficient, given a debut
album that confidently blends Celtic, Americana and roots influences, while
peppering it all with ample doses of Crosby Stills and Nash-style sentiment.
Theirs is a sound that’s frequently been passed down the pike, one that breeds
familiarity even as it inspires a pleasant nod of satisfaction.


With veteran
producer John Porter at the helm, they’ve managed to hew this approach towards
an instantly engaging aesthetic, one borne of lush, billowy harmonies and
tender, forlorn musings. Their steadfast sincerity and quiet confidence creates
a compelling blend, and songs like “I Could Be King” and the stirring
“Blindsighted Faith” ring with instant authority. The assertive stomp of “Hand
That Feeds” gives way to mostly gentler options, twilight ballads such as “Oh
Lord,” “Goodbye My City,” “I Want To Be” and “Perfect Timing” which keep the
album mainly preoccupied with circumspect and the plaintive twins pleas of
yearning and desire. Having been chosen the break-put band at last year’s Folk
Alliance in Memphis, they now have ample impetus to take that next step
forward, and with Blind Sighted Faith as the point of departure, all future efforts have the potential to garner
nothing less than elevated anticipation.


DOWNLOAD: “I Could Be a King,” “Blindsighted Faith”


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