Dum Dum Girls / Ex Cops 10/19/14, Denver

Dates: October 19, 2014

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO



Unfortunately I got to the Larimer Lounge late and missed the set by Denver’s own Emerald Siam, though I have seen the band before and they are certainly worth of your precious time with a dark, brooding (yet melodic) sound.


NYC’s Ex Cops (pictured above two photos) hit the stage at 10 PM sharp as a 3-piece. Brian Harding, the main dude on vocals/guitar, blonde female (Amalie Bruun from Captured Tracks band Minks) on lead vocals and keys and a drummer. The sound was a bit, I don’t know, maybe thin, and my pal and I both agreed that something didn’t quite sound right (maybe unrehearsed?). Then, about mid-set Harding yells at someone just off the side of the stage and says, “Why don’t you leave the fucking club!” Then says, “That’s our tour manager.” They played a song or two and the Bruun walks over to the side of the stage and yells at the same guy (I’m assuming as I was near the back of the club) and then called him a “Pussy!”. A song or two later they apologized and were done. Not the greatest set, though I am curious to hear their records.


It had been a few years since I’d last seen the Dum Dum Girls. Missed them at Riot Fest here last month (their set was at 3 pm). Since I’d last seen them they added a male on guitar/keys, a tall gent who lurks in the back of the stage. The rest of the band may have been the same (its leader Dee Dee’s show). The band sounded great, all confident swagger and of course dressed immaculately as well. They played their latest record Too True from start to finish (more or less) and then came out for at least 30 minutes of encores including “He Gets Me High,” “It Only Take One Night” (from their debut LP) and ending the set with the 1-2 punch of “Bedroom Eyes” and “Coming Down” (both from their 2011 masterpiece Only in Dreams).


This set might be the first time (in 3 times) where Dee Dee interacted with the crowd a bit and even giggled a few times. At this stage in the game I still can’t believe they’re not playing bigger venues. For my own selfish reasons I’m kind of glad they’re not, but they really deserve it.





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