Album: Keter

Artist: Dullmea

Label: self-released

Release Date: April 08, 2016



The Upshot: Eerie and experimental, the Portugal group beguiles and intrigues.


Dullmea is from Portugal, and from the initial haunting vocals, the experimental nature of the music sets the stage to beguile and intrigue listeners, who eventually get wrapped in its undertow. Spartan in nature the tracks require an active as opposed to passive participation by the listener. The claustrophobic nature on the track “Respiratio,” with its angelic vocals layered over what sounds like a ventilator, is disturbing and yet creates from very spare sounds an aural thrill ride of sorts. “Digestio” is an eerie send-off from this strange yet very rewarding ride. Not knowing where you’ve landed but feeling richer for the experience, Dullmea’s new album is quite a rewarding experience.

DOWNLOAD: “Articulus,” “Respiratio,” “Digestio”




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