Duke Spirit – Bruiser

January 01, 1970





With each
release this UK
quintet adds another impressive notch in their musical repertoire. For their third
release they’ve slightly polished their harmoniously dark pop while reveling in
soulful, gritty rock. Bruiser opens
with the hauntingly rhythmic drumming and brooding riffs of “Cherry Tree” then
happily embarks upon a rich, melodic ride: welcome to the land of the Dukes,
where Liela Moss’ sultry vocals coast over smartly orchestrated sounds.


Under Your Spell” is reminiscent of the fast paced, charged tracks from their
debut Cuts Across the Land; yet when
the Dukes slightly turn down the guitars, as in “De Lux,” or highlight Moss’ piano
skills on “Villain,” they show the most progress. Bruiser is an entrancing album from start to finish and a promising
peek into what The Duke Spirit’s future holds.


DOWNLOAD: “Northbound,” “Bodies” APRIL S. ENGRAM


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