Ducktails – Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

January 01, 1970



Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile’s solo side venture,
Ducktails, carries on the tradition of lo-fi, short but sweet (although
occasionally meanderingly jammy) experimental pop psychedelics of bands like
Ariel Pink, War on Drugs, and great-grandaddies Guided By Voices. His third
album, recorded at home without a whole lot of production value, sounds as
such, but that’s exactly the appeal. His slightly muffled vocals and bright guitar
tones render songs like the Dylan-esque “Hamilton Road” and the lilting
“Killin’ the Vibe” charming in their simplicity. And at times, Mondanile gets
interestingly weird, as on the spooky echo thumps of “The Razor’s Edge” or the
stoned picking of the album’s last track, “Porch Projector.”


There are admittedly moments here when one wonders what the
big deal is, as upon first pass, some of these songs sound like tunes any
semi-capable basement musician could record him or herself. But taken as a whole,
there’s something beyond the norm going on, a penchant for crafting concise
nuggets of indie pop that skirt the border of oddity and make this album worth
adding to your rotation.


DOWNLOAD: “Hamilton
Road,” “The Razor’s Edge” JONAH FLICKER

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