DUB NOIR- Pick Your Century

Album: Pick Your Century

Artist: Dub Noir

Label: Shelflife

Release Date: August 06, 2013

Dub Noir



I’ll admit, the name threw me off (anything with the word dub in it) and occasionally Shelflife will release something of the dancier variety. Then I listened and loved and wondered how I had never heard of this band before and from…yes, Cleveland! They started in 2003 by pals Joe Howell and Casey Immel-Brown (both played guitar  and Joe sang)  and it’s obvious from the lovely tunes on here that the Flying Nun label was a big deal to this band (especially The Bats) as well as Felt, the Go-Betweens and The Feelies.

Opening cut “Rue Savage” brings the jangle as does the awesomely-named “Good Morning, Jobseekers.” Later on, “Drifting” is pure New Zealand sunshine as is “Hey Sister”, but it doesn’t stop there, “The Careerist” and “Disco Lights” are both top-quality as well. There’s little, if any filler on here.

From the press kit it sounds like the door is open for more music (they talk about a “long-term hiatus”) but hop on this now as it is very limited.

DOWNLOAD: “Good Morning, Jobseekers,” “”The Careerist,” “Disco Lights,” “Hey Sister”


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