DRUG CHURCH – Paul Walker

Album: Paul Walker

Artist: Drug Church

Label: No Sleep

Release Date: July 23, 2013

Drug Church July 23



 You know how cranky 40-something-year-old former punk rockers (now rocking the Dockers from their cubicles) take time out from updating their fantasy football leagues just long enough to rail about “real punk rock” versus today’s shitty pop bands masquerading as punk rock? Well they certainly aren’t talking about Drug Church.

 This Albany band plays a special blend of fuck –it-we’re- all-gonna-die-eventually mosh pit punk anthems that bring to mind everyone from Jawbreaker to Quicksand. Their first full length, Paul Walker is hardcore with a slight sense of humor – just a very dark one. Lyrically, it’s a full dose of pessimism and cynicism, bordering on self-parody (“Shopping for a Belt,” by the way, sounds like something Suicidal Tendencies would have written in the late ‘80s).

 Paul Walker’s not for everyone but will at least get the 40-somethings to quit bitching about Green Day.

 DOWNLOAD: “Reading YouTube Comments” and “Donny’s Woods”

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