DRIVIN’ N’ CRYIN’ – Songs For the Turntable

Album: Songs For the Turntable


Label: Blank/New!

Release Date: January 14, 2014

Drivin N Cryin 2-14



 Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ wraps up its four EP return to active duty with Songs For the Turntable, five songs that run the gamut of the band’s many facets. While the three previous EPs focused on only one of the Atlanta quartet’s creative picadillos (hard rock, folk rock, psychedelia), Turntable wraps them all up in one brief package.

 “Strangers” runs with the band’s acoustic troubadour side, while “Turn” and “Roll Away the Song” crank folk melodies up to eleven for the band’s patented singalong anthems. “Jesus Christ!” bears down on head-banging hard rock, while “Love is the World” strikes a blow for surprisingly lush pop. Despite the lack of stylistic unity, the disk never sounds unfocused – after all, the band’s original ‘80s/’90s run reveled in its own eclecticism. Songs For the Turntable caps off a strong creative run for the band, and hopefully sets the stage for more knockout blows to come.

 DOWNLOAD: “Turn,” “Love is the World,” “Roll Away the Song”

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