Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ – Great American Bubble Factory

January 01, 1970

(Vintage Earth Music)



Credit Kevn Kinney with sheer determination. Twelve years
after what appeared to be their final swansong, Kinney’s rebuilt Drivin’ N’
Cryin’, abandoning his stalled solo career and reclaiming the branding that
anticipated a new surge of Southern sensibilities, affirmed by the likes of the
Drive By Truckers and Kings of Leon.  If
Kinney and company questioned how they’d retrofit themselves with this renewed
regimen, they betray no doubt here. 
Offering up a decidedly determined set of withering, wailing rockers
tackling a modern malaise of downsized jobs, failed promises and the
disintegration of the American dream, they’re as brash and defiant as ever, as
gloriously insurgent as any band half their age.


In effect, Great
American Bubble Factory
serves as a road map for weathering the storm, and
with anthemic outbursts like “Detroit City,” the title track, “I Stand Tall”
“Preapproved, Predenied” and “The Hardest Part,” there’s enough indictment to
go around.  Still, it’s the good-natured
“Don’t You Know That” and the rousing “Get Around Kid” that show Drivin’ N’
Cryin’ remains both soaring and sublime.


“Don’t You Know That,” “Get Around Kid,” “Let Me Down” LEE



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