Drive-By Truckers 1/17/20, Englewood, CO

Dates: January 20, 2020

Location: Gothic Theatre, Denver CO


Man I think the Drive-by Truckers really like Denver.  This show at the nearby Gothic Theatre in Englewood was the first of a 2-night stand and I know Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley have both done recent solo tours (Cooley I think has done a few).

To be honest it had been nearly a decade since I last saw Athens, GA’s finest, I believe it was on a tour with the Hold Steady at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, Oregon. I remember that night a lot of alcohol being consumed (Not by me).

The band seemed in great spirits this night in the not-quite-sold-out-but-close venue. There were definitely some D.B.T diehards including the girl behind me who was hootin’ and hollerin’ the whole time until, while I was taking my sweatshirt off, I accidentally snapped my hand and knocked her drink all over here (thankfully she was cool about it).

The band has a new record coming out in about a month The Unraveling which is like their millionth one (counting proper studio records, live albums, compilations, etc.). Ok, it’s actually their 12th studio record (but who’s counting?) and the band has been on a truly consistent roll for ages.

They opened with “Birthday Boy” (from The Big To-Do) but then jumping both “The Righteous Path” and “A Ghost to the Most’ (two of my favorites off of the great Brighter Than Creations Dark LP from 2008….later in the set they also played “3 Dimes Down’ and “Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife” from the same record). We heard a few new ones including “Armageddon’s Back in Town” and “Thoughts and Prayers.”

From English Oceans we heard stoked versions of “Shit Shots Count” and “Made Up English Oceans.” Early in the set they played the great “Tornadoes” (off of The Dirty South) and “When the Pin Hits the Shell’ (from Decoration Day) so the band really dug deep on this night for their fans.

Near the end of the set we heard covers of The Ramones (“The KKK Took My Baby Away”) and Alice Cooper (“I’m Eighteen”) and ended it all with a truly inspired version of “Grand Canyon.’

I’d say they’re welcome back anytime but something tells me they’ve got their next gigs here already booked.

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