Drink Up Buttercup – Born and Thrown on a Hook

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)




James Harvey,
leader of Philadelphia’s Drink Up Buttercup, insists that he wasn’t a Beatles
fan until only recently. Either he’s a liar, or Born and Thrown on a Hook is a testament to the fact that the Fab
Four’s sounds don’t need digital distribution after all-they’ve become part of
Harvey’s DNA along with everyone else’s.


But while most
indie bands who channel the Beatles tap into the harmonies and guitars of Rubber Soul and Revolver, Drink Up Buttercup go right to Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt.
(with a little Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd thrown in for good
measure), using what sounds like a circus’s worth of organs and other keyboards
to conjure up a carnival of decidedly British-sounding psychedelia.


It’s a jarring
record on first listen, full of dynamic shifts and time changes-opener
“Seasickness Pills” starts off with 25 seconds of shoegaze guitar and
vocals, then alternates between drunken sea shanty and acid trip-but the
irresistible melodies and Harvey’s ever-changing vocals provide emotional
anchor amidst the occasional chaos. Best of all, Born and Thrown on a Hook is flat-out fun, the kind of album that
keeps the party going right after it clears all the assholes out of the room.


Standout Tracks:  “Doggy Head,” “Mr. Pie Eyes,” “Even
Think” ERIC



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